What can I say – I just love Jay! His “Lover From Previous Life” is leading my hitlist for the 3rd time and it seems that so far there’s no-one who can take this position from him. No-one… except Alan Walker who jumps with great confidence straight to #2. Let’s see next week!

Among 3 new entries there’s a fresh single from Frans – good timing, because “If I Were Sorry” has just started to go down; anyway it’s still in Top 5. Another new song is “Don’t Be So Shy” by Imany, which I can hear quite often in a remixed version on the radio. And one more is from JJ Lin: funny thing, I have his last year’s album, but I only listened to it several times, didn’t really enjoy it and actually didn’t notice that single. Better late than never!


Hitlist #800

July 4th, 2016

  1. 1 (6) 周杰伦 (JAY CHOU), (Lover From Previous Life)
  2. 7 (2) ALAN WALKER, Sing Me To Sleep
  3. 2 (7) KENT, Vi är inte längre där
  4. 8 (6) SERGEY LAZAREV, You Are The Only One
  5. 3 (7) FRANS, If I Were Sorry
  6. 4 (4) ADELE, Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
  7. 5 (7) ÁLVARO SOLER, Sofia
  8. 9 (7) RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, Dark Necessities
  9. 13 (3) THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS, Miracle Aligner
  10. 6 (9) RADIOHEAD, Burn The Witch
  11. 11 (3) 周杰伦 (JAY CHOU), 床边故事 (Bedtime Stories)
  12. 16 (2) PET SHOP BOYS, Twenty-Something
  13. 12 (5) PJ HARVEY, The Orange Monkey
  14. – (1) IMANY, Don’t Be So Shy (Filatov & Karas Remix)
  15. 15 (16) THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS, Aviation
  16. – (1) FRANS, Young Like Us
  17. 14 (10) MUSE, Sign O’ The Times (BBC Radio 1: Live Lounge)
  18. 20 (2) SIGUR RÓS, Óveður
  19. – (1) 林俊杰 (JJ LIN), 不为谁而做的歌 (Twilight)
  20. 10 (13) ZHU, In The Morning

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