we know where you live

“Stay in the shadows
Cheer the gallows
This is a roundup

This is a low flying panic attack
Sing the song on the jukebox that goes

Burn the witch
Burn the witch
We know where you live”

[Radiohead, Burn The Witch, A Moon Shaped Pool]

Radiohead are holding the top position with “Burn The Witch”, I don’t think anyone is surprised after last week’s debut. Their new album “A Moon Shaped Pool” is great, too. Yeah, I missed them. Muse are climbing one spot to #2… Can they or can’t they? “Sign O’ The Times” sound brilliant both as an original song by Prince and as a cover version by Muse.

Last weekend was kind of important for the music world in Europe as the 61st Eurovision Song Contest was held in Stockholm, Sweden. I haven’t really paid much attention to it so far (but I remember some songs which were big hits even on my list: “Fairytale” by Alexander Rybak being the perfect example), but this year was different. I watched the finals and I enjoyed many of the song presented there! And the immediate result is seen among this week’s new entries: Polish candidate “Color Of Your Life”, Ukraninian “1944” (the winner) and Georgian “Midnight Gold” were my favourites. Finally Justin Timberlake, who performed during the interval and performed his new single “Can’t Stop The Feeling!” is debuting this week, too.radiohead-burn

Hitlist #793

May 16th, 2016

  1. 1 (2) RADIOHEAD, Burn The Witch
  2. 3 (3) MUSE, Sign O’ The Times (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge)
  3. 2 (9) TFBOYS, 大梦想家 (Big Dreamer)
  4. 5 (6) ZHU, In The Morning
  5. 8 (4) TWENTY ONE PILOTS, Stressed Out
  6. 4 (9) THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS, Aviation
  7. 6 (12) PET SHOP BOYS, The Pop Kids
  8. 7 (11) YEARS & YEARS FEAT. TOVE LO, Desire
  9. 13 (3) SANDRA LYNG, Play My Drum
  10. – (1) MICHAŁ SZPAK, Color Of Your Life
  11. 17 (3) DUA LIPA, Be The One
  12. 9 (8) MASSIVE ATTACK FEAT. AZAKEL, Ritual Spirit
  13. 14 (4) AFGO & LIVIU HODOR FEAT. JACK HAWITT, Lost Without You
  14. – (1) JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, Can’t Stop The Feeling!
  15. 15 (2) BEYONCÉ, Formation
  16. – (1) JAMALA, 1944
  17. 10 (7) PJ HARVEY, The Community Of Hope
  18. 16 (15) TFBOYS, 青春修炼手册 (Manual Of Youth)
  20. 18 (4) GARBAGE, Empty

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