Day by day, week by week, step by step, adjusting to new reality. It feels fine, it’s cozy, it’s comfortable. I can put the dark thoughts in the drawer at the back of my head and hopefully never look inside.

I had a nice experience of using Chinese at work. There was a meeting with a Chinese businesswoman, who visited my company. I wasn’t originally invited to that meeting, but my collegues told her that I was able to speak Chinese. She was so curious about it that they asked me to the conference room. It was wonderful! We spoke like good friends, which is unusual for me in Polish; I’m rather reserved when meeting new people. Now, that I think about it, I feel strange: maybe I am a different person when I speak Chinese?

My colleagues were dumbfounded: they couldn’t understand a single word from our conversation; yet they heard we were talking a lot. However, now they finally believe that I really speak Chinese! I guess they thought I was exaggerating… Surprise, surprise! It’s a nice feeling to show people that I am actually an honest guy. If I can, I’ll do it; if I can’t, I’ll learn!a2118867gw1f3aotg2ubij20qo0zkgqi


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