big dreamer

Call me childish, call me immature, but I do enjoy the song “Big Dreamer” by teenage TFBOYS. How old are they? 16-17? I don’t care. It’s already their second #1 hit on my list – great job, guys. And, what’s more important: with “Big Dreamer” on top they managed to prove the fact that I don’t necessarily have to stay in China to appreciate Chinese songs. I do, I really do.bigdreamer

What else is worth attention? Twenty One Pilots are debuting this week, although I’ve known “Stressed Out” for many months. This time it’s just sounded right. And another new entry: who are Afgo & Liviu Hodor? I have no idea, but I do know Jack Hawitt who scored #1 hit with “Shields” earlier this year. Can he do it again with “Lost Without You”? And one more new entry comes from Garbage, who needed only two listens of “Empty” to debut on charts.

Hitlist #790

April 25th, 2016

  1. 3 (6) TFBOYS, 大梦想家 (Big Dreamer)
  2. 1 (6) THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS, Aviation
  3. 2 (7) THE WEEKND FEAT. LABRINTH, Losers
  4. 4 (9) PET SHOP BOYS, The Pop Kids
  5. 7 (6) KENT, Egoist
  6. 5 (8) YEARS & YEARS FEAT. TOVE LO, Desire
  7. 6 (5) MASSIVE ATTACK FEAT. AZAKEL, Ritual Spirit
  8. 11 (3) ZHU, In The Morning
  9. 10 (4) PJ HARVEY, The Commuity Of Hope
  10. 12 (12) TFBOYS, 青春修炼手册 (Manual Of Youth)
  11. 8 (12) 张杰 (JASON ZHANG), 发光时代 (Luminous Era)
  12. 13 (9) TAME IMPALA, The Less I Know The Better
  13. – (1) TWENTY ONE PILOTS, Stressed Out
  14. 9 (4) DNCE, Cake By The Ocean
  15. 18 (2) OF MONSTERS AND MEN, Black Water
  16. 14 (5) TRAVIS, 3 Miles High
  17. 17 (14) PJ HARVEY, The Wheel
  18. – (1) AFGO & LIVIU HODOR FEAT. JACK HAWITT, Lost Without You
  19. – (1) GARBAGE, Empty
  20. 19 (14) TAME IMPALA, Let It Happen

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