my Prince

It seems that 2016 is an important year. Important doesn’t necesserily mean good, though. I’ve been pretty distraught to hear about Prince’s death. Prince died! Oh god, one of the most influential musicians in the world, one of the idols, the hero! It’s not that I was a big fan, but I love many of his songs. Which ones? When I was listening to “Purple Rain” after that news, I literally had tears in my eyes. But for all these years, “Kiss” has been my favourite. I still remember, as a kid, watching MTV, I was wondering: is that a man or a woman? How can he sing that way? I like it so much, that one day I decided to share it with my students. Well, they thought it’s too weird, they didn’t actually appreciate it.

I don’t really care how he died. I just feel sad that he’s gone. Anyway, I’m sure there will be plenty of unreleased music to come. I miss you, Prince.

So there it goes: the list of my favourite songs by Prince. Wanna fallinlove2nite?

  1. “Kiss”
  2. “Purple Rain”
  3. “Sign “☮” The Times”
  4. “Alphabet St.”
  5. “When Doves Cry”
  6. “Diamonds And Pearls”
  7. “1999”
  8. “Rock & Roll Love Affair”
  9. “Cream”
  10. “Pretzelbodylogic”

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