done it again

“Aviation in the evening
I can feel it coming on
Mama told me you should start as you mean
To go wrong
Or else you’re never gonna get it right”

[The Last Shadow Puppets, Aviation, Everything You’ve Come To Expect]


The Last Shadow Puppets have done it again and The Weeknd must acknowledge their dominance. Well, that’s how it feels when you title your song “Losers”, right?

TFBOYS are marching with their second hit single “大梦想家” (“Big Dreamer”) – it’s their second song to reach Top 3. PJ Harvey has released her new album and the single “The Community Of Hope” has reached Top 10. Congratulations. ZHU has jumped the highest and almost made it to top 10. Unlucky for David Bowie, his “I Can’t Give Everything Away” has only held its last position.

Two new entries are not completely new: “Black Water” is already the fifth charting song from Of Monsters And Men’s album “Beneath The Skin”; and Alan Walker’s “Faded” could be heard here and there for a couple of weeks and finally has made its way onto my list. So here it is!

Hitlist #789

April 18th, 2016

  1. 1 (5) THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS, Aviation
  2. 2 (6) THE WEEKND FEAT. LABRINTH, Losers
  3. 6 (5) TFBOYS, 大梦想家
  4. 4 (8) PET SHOP BOYS, The Pop Kids
  5. 3 (7) YEARS & YEARS FEAT. TOVE LO, Desire
  6. 5 (4) MASSIVE ATTACK FEAT. AZAKEL, Ritual Spirit
  7. 11 (5) KENT, Egoist
  8. 7 (11) 张杰, 发光时代
  9. 15 (3) DNCE, Cake By The Ocean
  10. 13 (3) PJ HARVEY, The Community Of Hope
  11. 19 (2) ZHU, In The Morning
  12. 8 (11) TFBOYS, 青春修炼手册
  13. 9 (8) TAME IMPALA, The Less I Know The Better
  14. 10 (4) TRAVIS, 3 Miles High
  15. 16 (15) DAVID BOWIE, Lazarus
  16. – (1) ALAN WALKER, Faded
  17. 14 (13) PJ HARVEY, The Wheel
  18. – (1) OF MONSTERS AND MEN, Black Water
  19. 12 (13) TAME IMPALA, Let It Happen
  20. 20 (2) DAVID BOWIE, I Can’t Give Everything Away

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