After the first working week (remember? I got a job and started working!), I decided to have a relaxing weekend in Gdańsk. Why there? My younger brother has been living there for a couple of years and it’s a great opportunity for me to go there whenever I feel like it. So not thinking too much, I took a train to the seaside on Friday evening. I even took my bike – for the first time I would have a ride in Gdańsk.

Luckily for us, the weather on Saturday was almost perfect. Beautiful sunny day, quite warm. We had a nice time in Oliwa Park, met some of my brother’s friends (as always, I wasn’t very talkative, just can’t relax too much!). Riding a bike on the beach was gorgeous. We stopped at Gdańsk Molo (not that famous one in Sopot), tried to buy ice-creams (we didn’t, the queue wasn’t moving fast enough) and rode to Gdynia where we had a late lunch. Good one. The weather changed quite dramatically after we had finished, it even started to rain. That’s why instead of riding back to Gdańsk, we took a city train.

Gdańsk is a nice city, however it requires good weather conditions. On a rainy day, it’s boring to me – but probably only because I’m not too familiar with it.

Now I’m back to my hometown, and honestly, I feel a bit down. It’s hard to explain without telling too many details but I guess I still need some more time to fully adjust to living here, not there. But THERE is my real hometown. How long will it take until THERE changes into HERE?


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