aviation in the evening

As a small gift for myself, I was planning to buy a vinyl from The Last Shadow Puppets. Yeah, right, it’s not available in the local record shop; I even couldn’t find a CD version! Hasn’t it been realeased in Poland yet? Or maybe nobody cares about them but me? Whichever is true, I am disappointed, I really wanted to listen to them in an old school way.

The Last Shadow Puppets are holding the top spot on my hitlist, but who knows if they can do it next week, as The Weeknd is advancing and has reached his (so far) peak position with “Losers”. Interestingly, it isn’t even an official single, but it’s my favourite from his album “Beauty Behind The Madness”.

Two new entries this week are “In The Morning” from ZHU and “I Can’t Give Everything Away” from the late David Bowie. By the way, I still enjoy listening to “Lazarus”, which is up again this week.


Hitlist #788

April 11th, 2016

  1. 1 (4) THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS, Aviation
  2. 4 (5) THE WEEKND FEAT. LABRINTH, Losers
  3. 2 (6) YEARS & YEARS FEAT. TOVE LO, Desire
  4. 3 (7) PET SHOP BOYS, The Pop Kids
  5. 8 (3) MASSIVE ATTACK FEAT. AZAKEL, Ritual Spirit
  6. 5 (4) TFBOYS, 大梦想家
  7. 7 (10) 张杰, 发光时代
  8. 6 (10) TFBOYS, 青春修炼手册
  9. 10 (7) TAME IMPALA, The Less I Know The Better
  10. 14 (3) TRAVIS, 3 Miles High
  11. 9 (4) KENT, Egoist
  12. 11 (12) TAME IMPALA, Let It Happen
  13. 17 (2) PJ HARVEY, The Community Of Hope
  14. 12 (12) PJ HARVEY, The Wheel
  15. 20 (2) DNCE, Cake By The Ocean
  16. 19 (14) DAVID BOWIE, Lazarus
  17. 15 (5) BRODKA, Horses
  18. 13 (11) MIKA, Last Party
  19. – (1) ZHU, In The Morning
  20. – (1) DAVID BOWIE, I Can’t Give Everything Away

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