just around the corner

So it seems that I’m settled. Thursday: job interview. I was surprisingly relaxed and confident; I couldn’t recognize myself! And it paid off: I got a call on Friday, accepted! Got a job! Starting on Monday, no need to wait any longer.

On the same day I received my belongings from China, sent by Calvin last month. Clothes (T-shirts, shirts, trousers), shoes, bags and backpacks, books, CDs and DVDs, notebooks and diaries – a lot of stuff! It made me feel a bit melancholic: it means that I have no personal belongings left in China, everything has been shipped and delivered. That chapter is already finished.

New life is just around the corner. Who would have thought two months ago, that it would end up like this? As always, I was afraid of making changes, but as it turned out, life has made changes for me and I was forced to accept them.

The photos were taken this morning, just around the corner from where I live. We’ve been having a beautiful spring this year!


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