It truely has been a long time! I haven’t updated my blog due to some reasons: the most important one WordPress being blocked in China. Of course, I’m aware there are VPN softwares which enable accessing blocked websites, but you know: this is quite discouraging.

Another reason for my silence is work. It’s a lame excuse, isn’t it? Sorry to disappoint you (any readers left?), but that’s how I felt. I got promoted to senior teacher & trainer at my school, which made my life more fulfilling, more satisfactory and challenging.

So, what’s changed? Why have I decided to write here again? Boom-boom-boom! I left China. I came back to Poland. Should I still keep the blog under the name ChrisChina? Let’s leave it that way for a while; after all China will always be a part of me.

Several dates from the past:

October 2013: my parents’ second visit to China (my father’s first), we also went to Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu) for a couple of days.

Later that month, I got abovementioned promotion…

November 2013: a trip to New Zealand. It was a travel of a lifetime. Marvellous. Spectacular. Couldn’t be better. 10 beautiful days in paradise.

Fabruary 2014: Spring Festival in Fujian province. We visited Wuyishan (where I later took my parents) and Xiamen.

April 2014: my first trip to Japan, although many of my friends said that actually Okinawa isn’t “real” Japan. Whatever, I still loved it.

May 2014: since I hadn’t gone back home on Christmas, I decided to visit my hometown in late spring. One of the best visits, mainly due to the weather. Solec – Kraków – Prague – Vienna; Europe is inspiring.

September 2014: we visited Calvin’s mother’s old friend in Guilin and Yangshuo in Guangxi. Summer had almost gone, so it was very comfortable time to travel. As always, we hadn’t travelled during the hottest months of the year.

September/October 2014: I went to Hong Kong for a couple of days and coincidetally, I managed to observe big street protests of the “Umbrella Revolution”. Wow, extraordinary experience.

November 2014: birthday trip to Taipei.

December 2014: Christmas in Anhui, Huangshan and Tunxi.

I’m looking at those dates and memories keep coming back to me. So many! 2015 was also like that. Spring Festival in Sanqing Mountain, my parents’ third visit in China (this time in spring), later Europe trip (Poland, Berlin, Nice in France, Monaco and Paris), birthday trip in the south of Taiwan and back home for Christmas.

And then was the beginning of 2016…

My last trip in China was on Spring Festival; we went to Zhangjiajie by car! We had a lot of fun, I love road trips and the views were breathtaking. And then…

February 25th: bad news. The worst day of my life. I must leave.

February 26th: goodbye, my colleagues! I’m quitting immediately!

February 27th: the last English Corner. Goodbye, my beloved students! I will always remember you!

March 1st: goodbye, Hangzhou! Shanghai – Moscow – Warsaw. Welcome back, Poland. It had still been winter when I landed. Damn.

March 2nd: finally arrived back my hometown. Maybe there is hope. I’m looking for a job and trying to keep positive.


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