Today a bit about music. This week belongs to the British band Athlete. How did I come back to listening to them? Let me think… Must have been something with the Olympics in London, I guess I was looking for some information about athletes and the name Athlete popped out. Well, very good! Do people still remember about them?

I found their 2009 album “Black Swan”, which unfortunately wasn’t a bestseller, then went back to good old “Wires” – their biggest hit from the album “Tourist”, I played it all… and I feel I’m back home. Such good music! Melancholic! I’ve always been melancholic! I’ve always liked that particular British sound represented by Athlete and many other bands (Coldplay, Starsailor and Snow Patrol to name the few). I’m having a wonderful time listening to it now. And! I’ve found out that Athlete had released a new album! Well, well, well! It’s not a studio album, it’s “only” a live album titled “Live At Union Chapel”, which… is just beautiful.

They are not popular anymore. Well, who cares! For me they will always be important. And I’m waiting for the new material! I’m sure it’ll be heart-breaking…


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