cheer up!

Negative emotions, feelings:

– depression

– sadness

– pressure

– helplessness

– hopelessness

– mood swings – moodiness

– apathy

– frustration

– fear

What makes you feel that?

What are your methods to cheer up?

How do you relax? Relax efficiently!

  • friends – what can they do?
  • family – are they helpful?
  • party! – are you in the mood?
  • alcohol – how does it affect you?
  • massage
  • different environment – travel?
  • music – what kind of music relaxes you?
  • hobby – be creative, do what you really like – painting, music, art!

It’s important to solve the problems that cause your sadness. What if the problems can’t be solved?

  • visit at the psychologist’s?…
  • coffee time
  • reading… poetry? Some people say it helps. Do you understand it?

Ignoring problems – maybe sometimes … but sooner or later they will return.

  • meditation
  • yoga
  • bubble bath
  • deep breathing

How to be optimistic?

Can food make you happy? Shopping?


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