I didn’t have too much motivation to write anything special here, even non-special! Life goes on. I traveled to Spain (Barcelona), then went to Poland to spend Easter with my family. Barcelona was so great! To see that overwhelming architecture, those breath taking paintings, those gorgeous churches… my god, it was just a dream come true. And then Poland… too chilly at that time of year! It supposed to be nice and warm, but the temperature was low. It’s always good to see the family. I spent there only a week, maybe too short…
Left Poland after a week, bought a lot of books to read in China, flew back to Shanghai… Then took a train to Hangzhou, where I felt really bad. First of all, it was too hot. Second of all, thousands of people were waiting to take a taxi, and I was one of them. Thirdly, my suitcase, which supposed to be lighter on the way back, was superheavy again! Damn. The traffic in Hangzhou was terrible. I spent more time on the taxi than on the train from Shanghai! That’s ridiculous! 

I’ve already been working for almost 2 weeks, quite busy actually! My contract needs to be resigned, my visa needs to be renewed, that’s why I needed to get a health check. It turned out that I am very healthy, I’m in my prime… hahah. No problems with health and I even managed to gain some weight!

My cat missed me a lot. When I came back home, at first he was scared, like he forgot who I was. Then he started meowing really loudly and wouldn’t stop! It sounded like a complaint: “Why did you leave me alone for such a long time!!” It was heart-breaking. I guess he has changed, he has become more loving and eager to hug. It’s a good change.

Billy is a new friend of mine. He’s a Vietnamese boy working in Hangzhou, quite lonely. It’s nice to talk to him. Jack,. another friend, is a waiter in my favourite Japanese restaurant. Whenever I go there, he sits and talk to me, although his English is really just so-so. I don’t care, I can feel he is a nice boy and it’s great to see his friendly face.

Jill is still sweet. I guess she will always be like that. We meet regularly for dinners, and this week we went to the cinema. Yes, have I mentioned that I like watching movies? Not DVDs, not on the computer, but at the cinema… We saw “Titanic” in 3-D version… Was it good? Well, to tell you the truth, I forgot that it was a 3-D version. Haha, maybe because it’s an old movie? Well, who would think that we will describe “Titanic” as an old movie.

Jason Mraz has released his new album, “Love Is a Four Letter Word”. How exciting!

Kent are releasing their new album next week! Even more exciting!

Madonna, Sigur Rós… what a beautiful spring, many of my favourite artists are sharing their new ideas. Wonderful time. So.. why am I still sad? I wish I knew how to be happier.


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