tulips in Taiziwan

Wonderful spring has come. It’s sunny, warm and splendid. I go for bicycle rides very often. Yesterday I invited Akira, we went to Taiziwan Park to see beautiful flowers. Hmmm… we would have enjoyed them more if there hadn’t been so many people! Well, it turned out we weren’t the only ones who wanted to check out the tulips.

I’ve been meeting many people this month. Sarah got married 2 weeks ago, Oliver got married last Saturday. I’ve made good friends with Zepharine, Akira has become closer. Today I met Damon and Serena for dinner and a little shopping. My colleagues turned out to be quite enjoyable to go for lunches with… Maybe socializing isn’t as bad as I always thought.

I’m going to Europe this week. First Spain! We’re going to visit Barcelona, oh, how exciting it is! And then it’s time for Easter – and after 1,5-year-break I’m going to see my dear hometown. Many things have possibly changed – need to catch up!

I finished reading a thick book today! It was “The Stone-cutter” by the Swedish writer Camilla Läckberg – I liked it a lot! It is a psychological thriller, very addictive! “…enjoyable literature- not too demanding but intelligent”

I still love reading. When I go back home, I always exchange some books, take some new ones to China for another year.

By the way, today is “my China” anniversary: I came here exactly 6 years ago. Time does fly.



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