my trip to Guangxi

Chinese New Year has come. It’s the year of the dragon. I celebrated it together with Jim and his family in his hometown, a small village in Guangxi province in southern China. What an experience it has been! It was completely different from what I had expected and seen so far. A countryside. Real farmers, quite poor, but still satisfied and easily happy. Wonderful views! Just look at these green mountains, the fields filled with rape flowers!

It was a bit cold, but hey – it’s winter, even in the south. Any difficulties? For example the muddy roads… it was quite risky to ride a motorbike. Why not a car? Well, it would have been crazy to do it in these narrow paths going through the forests and hills.

The people were just lovely. We did communicate a little, although my Mandarin is still poor and they are used to speaking the local dialects. Happy New year and thanks for having me there. I’m sure I’ll remember this trip for the rest of my life. And who knows, maybe I can go back to the land where children are carried by mothers on their backs. It’s really interesting!

I came back to Hangzhou with a lot of inspirations and energy for the future.


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