Christmas is coming

Christmas time. This year not at home. Or, I should better say – at my second home. What’s more, I still have to work on Christmas Eve. That’l be the first time I must work on that special day. Not that I mind it, oh no. I do feel fine about it – I even can finish my classes at 5 pm, so it’s not a big deal. Working on Christmas Eve can help me not think too much about my family. Do I miss them? Yes, a bit. Will I miss them more? Possibly, undeniably. Will I make it to the New Year’s Day? Of course!

These are the milestones: Christmas Eve – working, Christmas Day – a trip to the hot springs in Huangshan (黄山), New Year’s Day, then Spring Festival (travel to Guangxi province? My student Jim invited me to his hometown there, I’m tempted to go!) and then the spring will come again! How delightful! It’s soon, isn’t it?

It hasn’t been very cold so far this winter – I’m knocking on the wood right now! – and I do hope it won’t be. I’m having a good time of my life, staying positive, feeling needed and appreciated. The end of 2011 is surprisingly quite good!

Yesterday night I went to the bar. It was one of my student’s birthday and he invited some people. You know, I don’t really enjoy going out and last night proved it. Of course it was nice to spend some time with others and celebrate his birthday but in my mind there was always the thought: “What the hell am I doing here? Why is it so loud here? Do people really enjoy shouting to each other?” Well, talking to strangers in a noisy place is not my favourite pastime… Anyway, sometimes I should make an effort. And… the birthday boy was so happy!


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