The nominees are…And the award goes to…
Congratulations! How would you feel if it were you?
Let’s hear your acceptance speech! What would you say? Who would you like to thank? Would you mention those who didn’t receive the award?
Would you ever refuse any award?

What can you do with your award? Where will you place your trophy? Will you show it to others?
Why is it important to give awards?

  • to show our appreciation
  • to emphasize somebody’s achievements
  • to express acclaim, recognition

What is the most precious award you have received?

Which of the following awards are prestigious?

  • Oscars – for American movies
  • Grammy – for American musicians
  • Emmy – for the best American TV-series
  • Golden Globe
  • Golden Raspberries – for the worst movies
  • Nobel Prize – for scientific achievements in phys ics, chemistry, medicine, economics and literature
  • Nobel Peace Prize
  • Pulitzer Prize – for journalists
  • Golden Rooster – for Chinese movies
  • Golden Melody – for Chinese musicians (awarded in Taipei)
  • olympic medals – gold, silver, bronze
  • crown – in model contests

Does the award stimulate, motivate you to work harder or maybe you stop trying, since you’ve already been awarded?

An award for lifetime achievements
Certificate of honour – 荣誉证书
Statuette, cup, pot, prize, trophy


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