birthday boy

Yesterday was Damon’s birthday. He is one of my most remarkable students. Actually I am not sure what impresses me the most in him. He is often confused about his life, his lifestyle is quite eccentric – even though he’s an adult, he still hasn’t found a full time job. And what’s more, he is not going to. When he needs money, he works as a part time pianist. All he wants to do is to travel… first around China (which he did earlier this year – hitch-hiking!) and then to Europe. He is brave, he is original, he seems not to need other people around him. Introverted and tempting.

I knew it was his birthday, I sent him the message and he replied inviting me for a walk. He’s recently bought a small dog and now is regretting it a little. That’s also something I like about Damon – he is not afraid of making quick, spontaneous decisions. This is life, isn’t it? Everybody makes decisions, sometimes good, sometimes bad – all of them can teach us the lesson.

Birthday boy with thousands of thoughts and doubts. I hope he can find his way to fulfillment.


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