no more debts

Today I’m thinking about getting older. I’m about to turn 30 next week, it’s a pretty important birthday, isn’t it? Will anything change after that? Well, I don’t really think so, but there is a kind of a social pressure towards people over that age. Not, that I care about that, it makes me laugh; however it also makes me think about these 3 decades I have lived through.Interesting to mention, few days ago I got a letter from my bank telling me that I have finally paid off my student loan. Wow, I applied for it when I was in university (about 8-9 years ago), few months later I started getting money, I started paying it back 2 years after graduation… and now it’s done! Good job! I’m proud of myself, as I didn’t ask anyone for help during that time. I guess that proves I’m a man on my own!
Paying it off means that I can start another chapter of my life which should be called: no more debts! Time to celebrate!


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