… they took photos dressed up as ancient Chinese queens
… we took a walk along West Lake
… it was Niuhai’s birthday, they ordered too many dishes! Smelly tofu was really awful, I couldn’t stand it.
… when we travelled, we had to get up very early. Going to Hong Kong – got up at 5.
… night snack at a Hong Kong restaurant was not impressive. I ate, because I was hungry and wanted to encourage others to eat. Not everybody did.
… another dinner at Pizza Hut. That was much more familiar, so their moods improved significantly.
… they were getting sick one by one. Mum in Disneyland, sister after the flight to Beijing, brother after coming back to Hangzhou, younger brother after others left.
… Mong Kok! Is that the mostly populated place on Earth?!
… Ocean Park – as much adrenaline as you can take!
… Beijing welcomed us with the grey skies and the fog. The whole city was filled with… a dirt? smoke?
… turbulences! My hands were swe ating.
… it was my 2nd time to climb the Great Wall and the 2nd time when the weather was bad. This time was extremely cold, ocasionally rainy and always windy. God, have mercy.
… Olympic Stadium (“Bird’s Nest”) was wonderful. And the weather!! Was that the same city as the previous day’s Great Wall? Unbelievable.

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