National Day

Today is the National Day in China, 62nd anniversary of setting up the People’s Republic in China. I’m having 3 days on this occasion… Unfortunately (or maybe luckily?) the weather is bad, it’s cloudy, often rainy, the temperature reaches only 20 degrees. Well, it’s a bad weather if you had planned going out, but if you want to chill out at home – it’s perfect.
So here I am: with my cat sleeping under the bed (I’m sure he’s purring), with a glass of the Baileys Irish Cream, with the new album by The Kooks (“Junk of the Heart”, it’s good! I like it, makes me happy!) – nice, relaxing time.
In about 2 weeks my family is coming to China. Wow, I still remember when I was buying the air-tickets for them and at that time it seemed to be awfully long time to wait! And look, 2 weeks and here they are in Hangzhou, in my apartment, hopefully able to eat Chinese food using chopsticks and enjoying it. The most important thing is not to be afraid of your dreams come true. Anything is possible if you have a motivation and a right attitude. Going to China? What’s the problem? Buy a ticket, take a plane and wait for me to pick you up! No money? Come on: the first step is to make a serious decision – I’m going! And you’ll see you can find money. Everything can be done step by step.
So.. it’s the National Day here. Is it important for locals? I have some doubts, as I can see that people don’t really care about things happening in Beijing. What they care about is a holiday (many people can enjoy 7 days off!)… I had a class about patriotism yesterday; I asked what that means for Chinese people and I found out that it’s rather shallow They are not willing to fight for their motherland, they are not very interested in their nation’s history. But hey – am I that different from them? Does patriotism mean anything for other nationalities? Do people respect national symbols (flag, anthem, emblem)? The conclusion I drew from yesterday’s lesson was that nowadays people put their own happiness before country’s good. The times are changing: it’s not easy to be patriotic when there’s no obvious danger to the country. I also asked them if they thought that immigrants can also be patriots… since they work for other countries, pay taxes for them, don’t really contribute to their own countries’ success. Well, they answered: yes, they can – by promoting them, talking about their history, being proud of them. Well, so in that case I can call myself a patriot.

Just watched:
“Singin’ In The Rain” – a 1952 classic musical starring Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds. It is now frequently described as one of the best musicals ever made!

Just listened:
Kasabian’s “Velociraptor!” – wow! It’s a bomb! I like it very much! It reminds me a little of The Last Shadow Puppets…
The Kooks’ “Junk of the Heart” – The Kooks are good. Great melodies, good vibes, great harmonies – The Beatles, anyone?


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