Discover something! Find out something, which has existed earlier – discoveries are different from inventions… Invent means create something which is completely new, which hasn’t existed before.

Some of geographic discoveries:
– America – discovered by accident by Columbus
– China – “discovered” by Marco Polo. Of course Chinese people think that we can’t talk about discovering China, but for the Old World we can.
– the sea way to India – discovered by Vasco da Gama – he sailed around Africa, discovered the Cape of Good Hope and found the new way, which was safer than going to India on land.

Some of astronomical discoveries:
– the Earth is round, the Sun is in the centre of Solar System – that is a heliocentric theory, a famous discovery made by Nicolaus Copernicus
– planets, comets and others – discovered by astronomers and telescopes

Some of physical discoveries:
– gravity – discovered by Isaac Newton
– radioactivity
– E=mc2 – Einstein’s discovery

Is there anything left to discover? Jungles, primitive civilizations, ocean depths, outer space, resources…
Who can do it? Scientists, travellers, explorers, unmanned ships…

Archaeology – the science about discovering the ancient times
Palaeontology – the science about discovering dinosaurs, theory of evolution?

What are the reactions for discoveries?
– excitement!
– doubts
– it’s unbelievable!

How does it feel to discover somebody’s secrets? How can you do it?
– find somebody’s diary
– eavesdrop – overhear
– enter somebody’s mailbox, open somebody’s letters
Is it ever justified? Has anyone discovered your secrets?


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