time goes by like crazy

Time goes by like crazy; it’s already almost the end of September. The weather in Hangzhou has got much cooler, which means that my favourite time of year has just begun! Welcome, autumn!
Work is fine, I get many words of appreciation for what I do. I even got a student who wished to have classes exclusively with me. Wow, that’s great and I would try my best (he had already finished his course) – but I do feel I need a rest. I guess I’m getting older! This year I’m turning 30, that’s a meaningful moment. Should I stop and turn around? What have I achieved so far and what are my goals for the future? Well, my birthday is not coming until November, so I still got some time. Or.. I will not think much about it, after all it’s just a date. Who cares about dates? It’s nice to notice them, but do they actually mean anything particular?
Here in China, men turning 30 ought to achive something spectacular, such as to own a house. Yeah, I know it’s nothing special for many, but here it really proves your social status. Another thing: a 30-year-old man usually should already be married and many even expect a baby. Well, for certain reasons I don’t really care about that. It’s my life and I am the one to decide about getting married. Successful job? Who said which job is successful and which isn’t? That’s just a social standard to think that, for example, a doctor is good but a farmer is bad. I’d like to think that we need all jobs to be done and it’s much better if they are done by the ones who are really into them. Do I like my job? Yes, very much! I’ll keep doing it as long as I feel that. The moment I realize I lost that passion for my job, I’ll change it. Maybe I could be the boss for myself? Tempting!
Next month I’m expecting my family in China. They are going to visit me for the first time! Ah, how exciting. We’re going to travel a bit here and there, but Hangzhou is the place I want to show them the most, especially in autumn. I do hope they will like it.


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