Think about the concept of lack, shortage…

  • Can you imagine your life be without: money, family, love, music, chocolate, rice, meat, coffee? What can you have instead?
  • What is the most important thing in your life?
  • Think of the words describing someone without: money, home, parents, wife/husband, friends, jobs, hair, clothes, hope.
  • How can you describe yourself if suddenly you have nothing to say? Speechless.
  • What is a good word for someone very cruel? Ruthless/merciless/heartless.
  • What is a good word to use if there’s nothing you can do? Helpless.
  • What does water taste like? What is the taste of porridge? Tasteless.
  • How can you deal with loneliness?

U2, With Or Without You
Snow Patrol, Run
3 Doors Down, Here Without You
Mariah Carey, Without You
Placebo, Without You I’m Nothing


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