It makes no sense.
It doesn’t make any sense.
I’m out of my senses.
Please be sensible!
That’s a nonsense.
I’ve got more luck than sense.

Human beings have many senses: traditionally recognized five senses and some others:
– sight (vision) – no sight is a blindness
– hearing (audition) – no hearing is a deafness
– taste
– smell – no smell is an anosmia
– touch – no touch is the numbness or an anesthesia
– temperature
– kinesthetic sense – you know where your body parts are. Try to touch your nose with your eyes closed!
– pain
– balance
– acceleration
– sense of time
– sense of humour
– sense of direction
So many senses! Which one would you call the sixth sense? Intuition?

What are your favourite: colours, sounds, flavours, smells, fixture? What’s your optimal temperature? How do you react for a temperature change? What kind of pain is the worst? What’s the function of pain? When do you lose the balance?

What’s an illusion? Auditory illusion, optical illusion, touch illusion.
What’s an empathy and a sympathy? Are they senses?

How can we change the senses?
– by drinking alcohol
– by taking drugs – can result in hallucinations
– by using cosmetics
– by spinning around


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