giving up

To give up – to stop doing something, quit it, in case of war or fight: to surrender.
To raise the white flag, to wave it – have you ever had to do it? Has anyone or anything forced you?
What do we give up? What are the reasons people give up certain things?
– dreams, plans for future

  • because they are unrealistic
  • too expensive
  • we are doubtful that they can come true
  • we have no confidence
  • we are too weak to fulfil our dreams

– principles, rules

  • because they are too challenging
  • we are lazy
  • we choose more comfortable life
  • everybody else is doing it, so why can’t we?

– studies

  • because they are too difficult
  • we find out they are useless
  • we are too busy to study
  • just got a great job, so why continue?
  • got married/pregnant
  • no money for tuition fees

– love/relationship

  • because of betrayal
  • forced by a family
  • couldn’t/didn’t want to have kids
  • financial problems
  • distance

We should give up bad habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs. Everybody knows that, but how to do it? It’s easier said than done.
Why do we give up? Do you give up easily? Are you a fighter? How many times do you need to fail before you finally give up?
Does the fear of failure stop you or on the contrary: give you an adrenaline kick?
Can anyone convince you to give up your decisions? Are you bossy or rather a push-over? Are you stubborn – are you not willing to change your mind, even if the change sounds reasonable?
Inspirational people who didn’t give up:

  • Nelson Mandela
  • Lance Armstrong
  • Liu Xiang
  • Thomas Edison
  • Martin Luther King
  • Marie Curie

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