What did you yesterday? Was it a meaningful day? Do you try your days to be meaningful? How can you do it?
If it was possible, would you like to repeat your day? What days would you like to live again?
Do you often think about yesterday? About the past? Does it happen more often than you think about tomorrow? The future? Is the future bright?
Is yesterday’s world better than tomorrow’s world?
Are your days always different? Or maybe you sometimes feel that today is just as same as yesterday?
Why does past usually seem better than it actually was? Do you have more bad memories or the good ones?
What time of your life was the happiest? What was the most difficult? Childhood, teen age, college life…

The Beatles, Yesterday
The Carpenters, Yesterday Once More
30 Seconds To Mars, From Yesterday
Pet Shop Boys, Yesterday When I Was Mad
Guns N’Roses, Yesterdays


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  1. hemp
    Jul 14, 2011 @ 12:51:13

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