Independent – not controlled by other people, countries, etc.
How does country gain its independence?
– revolution
– war
– uprising
– referendum
– peace agreement
– independence movement

4th of July – Independence Day in the US
11th of November – Independence Day in Poland

The newest independent (sovereign, self-governing) country in the world will be Southern Sudan – it’ll happen on 9th of July. Southern Sudan has gained its independence through referendum. Will all countries recognize it as an independent country?
It’s not easy for a new country to stay independent: it might have no army, no economy, no strong government.

Why do countries want to be independent?
– to protect their culture, language, customs
– to protect their religion
– to show that they are different
– to use their natural resources without sharing with others
– to return to the previous situation when they were independent and later lost it

Autonomous regions – how are they different from independent states? Should they be independent? If not, then the ruling government should make sure that their originality is kept. Why are they autonomous?

How can people celebrate Independence Day?
– marching on parades
– picnics
– watching army shows, air shows
– watching patriotic movies… Are you a patriot?

Can you imagine the world without countries, without borders? Is that possible? Why not? Would it be great?

What is a personal independence? Financial independence? Are you able to decide about yourself? When do people become independent? When is your “Independence Day”? I celebrate it on 26th of March, which some years ago was one of the most important days in my life.


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