Mother… one of the most important people in everybody’s lives. Let’s talk about her!

What are your mother’s habits? What are her hobbies? Has your mother changed since you were a child?

What should a good mother do? What shouldn’t she?

Are western mothers different from Chinese mothers? Of course they are. It’s basically the difference between freedom and control, independence and dependence… But in many aspect they are similar.

Do you want to raise your children in the same way as your mother did?

Do you celebrate Mother’s Day? How about your mother’s birthday? Do you buy her flowers and gifts? Do something special to make her happy?

Is there a generation gap between you and your mother? Can you tell her everything? Can you talk to her about everything? Maybe not! Maybe she would like to know everything about you, but it doesn’t mean she will.

Does your mother have any problems? How can you help her solve them? Health problems? Money problems? Maybe sometimes she feels lonely?



Spice Girls, Mama

Lenny Kravitz, Always On The Run

Metallica, Mama Said

Boyz II Men, A Song For Mama

周杰伦 (Jay Chou), 听妈妈的话 (Listen to Your Mother’s Words)

Ozzy Osbourne, Mama, I’m Coming Home

Pink Floyd, Mother

Christina Aguilera, Oh Mother

Genesis, Mama

Scissor Sisters, Take Your Mama Out


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