holiday (continued)

I’ve been back at home in Hangzhou for already 3 days, but my memories still keep coming back to those beautiful days spent in Thailand. Hangzhou has been rainy ever since I came back; that helps me more to dream and recall.

June 1st

What a beautiful morning! After breakfast we had a nice time by the pool. I swam a bit, read a book (“The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank) – I got more sun tan! I was wondering if it was going to rain later that evening, as the forecast said so.

Soundtrack: assorted dance songs.

In the afternoon the wind started to blow really strong! It felt like a hurricane, but we were safe in a restaurant nearby. Later it rained too (I told you so!), however not very heavily and long.

We rode bicycles in search of Thai massage, but unfortunately couldn’t find any.
Stopped by the shore in a local cafe, had coffee and a nice time with the books. Aren’t we nerdy? It rained again but that time there was also sunshine, so we could spot the magnificent rainbow! Oh, isn’t the world a beautiful place!

Soundtrack: Within Temptation, “The Unforgiven”; Adele, “21”.

I came up with an idea to do something adventurous on the following day. So here it comes: safari! Elephants! Tigers! Monkeys! Snakes! Waterfall! We hoped to see that (and possibly more!) soon!

June 2nd

Normal morning routine – breakfast, a bit of rest by the pool.

1 pm – we were picked up by the driver and  went to a safari park located in the centre of the island. There was an elephant trekking, later an elephant show (I didn’t enjoy it too much), a monkey show (I had some photos taken with them), a crocodile show, a bird show, a snake show (my favourite! And again, some photos)… After that we saw a big waterfall and finished that adventurous day.

Later in the evening we wanted to go out and have dinner, but exactly at that moment it started raining… so we stayed in the hotel. Rain, rain, rain – you gotta love it.

June 3rd

Difficult day, when everything made me angry. Maybe it’s because too long time spent together. We took a bus and a ferry back to Surat Thani, where we had a plane from. We got to the airport, flew back to Bangkok… Choosing a place to have dinner in was a cause of a huge quarrel. I didn’t want to wait having seen a lot of people inside, then I was called “spoilt” and “having no common sense”, as all places were crowded at that time of day. Well, not nice to hear that. I wanted to go back home and spend some time by myself.

Anyway, I never stay angry for a long time. Waited for the plane until 1:30 am, took off at about 2 am and arrived at rainy Shanghai in the early morning…


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