time for a vacation

It’s almost the end of May, the time when summer is knocking to our doors. Hangzhou is usually already quite hot at that time – it was hot last week with the temperatures exceeding 35 degrees Celsius! – but it’s been very cool since Sunday. Cool, comfortable, a bit windy, sometimes chilly, often rainy – my favourite kind of rain: drizzle! Ha, funny, do you have your own favourite kind of rain? Or perhaps you dislike it at all? I may prepare a class on that! Rain has always given me a lot of inspirations.

The end of May is also the last moment for me to go on a vacation. Summer is a peak season in my school: many students, many classes, all hands on board – so we’re usually not supposed to take any days off, unless it’s really necessary. Now it’s the time… I’m going to Thailand on Sunday! I’m going to spend there a couple of days – it’s going to be my 3rd time in that country, but of course not at the same place. This time I’m going to visit a small island in the south-east called Koh Samui (in Thai: เกาะสมุย). Actually I can’t wait to go there! Is it me getting older that I often feel tired in the evenings, or I’ve been more busy? Anyway, I still feel the energy and strenght to give people what’s best in me.

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