Mountains are beautiful. Mountains are challenging. People have always liked challenges, that’s why they’ve always climbed… There is even a sport called mountaineering. If you’re not brave enough, you may try hiking – the hills are lower than the mountains.

Foot of the mountain, slope (steep or gentle), peak (or summit or top)…

Why are the mountains dangerous?

  • slippery – you may fall down, break a leg or an arm, or even die
  • steep
  • changing weather – it can change very quickly! And the thunderstorms in the mountains are especially violent.
  • wild animals – you may encounter snakes, bears, maybe even wolves?
  • getting lost
  • avalanches – if you climb in winter or early spring, there may be a lot of loose snow
  • rockfall – be aware of rocks falling onto you!
  • lack of oxygen – the higher you climb, the less oxygen there is. Above 8000 meters there is so called “death zone”… have you ever heard of altitude sickness?

Eight-thousanders – 14 mountains which are taller than 8000 meters above sea level. currently there are only 22 people who have climbed all of them. Everest (or Chomolungma), K-2, Annapurna and others – all of them are in Himalayas.

What should you prepare before going to the mountains? What equipment will you take? A rope, crampons, snowshoes, an ice axe, a tent, sunglasses?

Enjoy your expeditions! I have recently climber Jianglang Mountain (江郎山), which is only 819 m tall… but still it was a challenge! Thanks Damon – my student, who took me there. If not him, I wouldn’t have even heard about that place!

What’s another challenge? Yellow Mountain (黄山)? Fuji?…

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