queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty, Your Majesty, Ma’am

1926, April 21st – born in London, as Elizabeth Alexandra Mary

1930 – her only sibling, sister Margaret was born (died in 2002)

1934 – met her future husband, Prince Philip, for the first time

1936 – her father became the King (taking a name George VI) after a constitutional crisis, when the previous king Edward VIII abdicated and married Wallis Simpson, an American divorcee.

1939 – fell in love with Philip and started exchanging letters with him

1945 – joined Women’s Territorial Service

1947 – got married, her husband became the Duke of Edinburgh

1948 – her first child, Prince Charles was born

1950 – her second child, Princess Anne was born

1952 – King George VI died and she became the Queen taking the name Elizabeth II

1953 – coronation service

1959 – her third child, Prince Andrew was born

1963 – her fourth child, Prince Edward was born

1977 – celebrated Silver Jubilee, marking 25th anniversary of becoming the Queen

1981 – 6 blank shots were fired at her during Trooping the Colour ceremony

1982 – an intruder broke into Buckingham Palace and entered the Queen’s bedchamber, woke her up and wanted to talk about his problems – later he was taken to a hospital for mentally sick

1992 – according to the Queen it was an Annus Horribilis (“horrible year”) – two of her sons separated from their wives, her daughter divorced and there was a severe fire in Windsor Castle

1993 – started paying taxes

1996 – Prince Charles divorced Lady Diana, who died in a car accident in Paris in 1997

2002 – celebrated Golden Jubilee, marking 50th anniversary of becoming the Queen

2012 – is going to celebrate Diamond Jubilee – 60th anniversary…

Currently she is the longest lived monarch in the UK and the third longest-reigning (the first is Queen Victoria – 63 years, the second is King George III – a bit more than 59 years – Queen Elizabeth will surpass him in May 2011).


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