Why do people star wars? Natural resources, land, religion, independence movements… Do you think the world can be totally peaceful? No? Why not? Is it because people always want more? Because they are never satisfied with what they have?

How does the war begin? What weapons do you know? How have they changed in the history? Do you know anybody who has experienced the war? Have you asked your family members about that? Are they willing to talk about it or perhaps for them it’s too traumatic feeling?

Do you sometimes feel that you want to fight with anybody? With the whole world…

What is the life in the army like? Would you like to serve your country in the army? Is it an honour?

Does your country have any enemies? Does your country have any reasons to start a war?


  • The Cranberries, Zombie
  • U2, New Year’s Day
  • U2, Sunday Bloody Sunday
  • Faith Hill, There You’ll Be
  • John Lennon, Give Peace a Chance
  • Status Quo, In the Army

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