Night – it’s dark, quiet, usually cooler than a daytime. What is a polar night? Where can you experience it? What can you see at night? Is moonlight romantic?

An evening person – fly-by-night – a night owl – it’s a person who is more active at night, stay up very late, just like an owl… Do you know other nocturnal animals? Bats, cats, hyenas…

Night shift, nightwork – who works at night?

  • doctors
  • nurses
  • bakers
  • prostitutes
  • taxi drivers

Places where you can go at night: pubs, clubs, discos, KTV, casinos, gas stations, convenience stores, fast food restaurants…

What can you do at night instead of sleeping?

  • study – effective?
  • eat – good for health?
  • watch movies – in a late night cinema or at home
  • have a massage

What are nightmares? Why do we have them?

A nightmare is one of the problems we can experience at night. What are others?

  •  sleepless – insomniac – how can you deal with it?
  • noisy neighbours
  • buzzing mosquito
  • too cold/too hot
  • fear of the darkness

When is a night the longest (winter solstice) and the shortest (summer solstice)?


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