important life decisions

Everyday we have to make decisions such as: to take a bus or ride a bicycle, to eat cereal for breakfast or nothing at all, to stay at home or go out… These decisions are very common and don’t require us to think too much.

But sometimes we must make important decisions, which may affect our future. What are they?
– university and major, which will decide about your career
– marriage – in some countries the decision is to get married or not, but there are places where the decision is who you will marry
– having a baby – that will change everything in your future. Sometimes people decide to have a baby under their parents’ pressure…
– having the 2nd baby – in some countries it’s not allowed by law (China); then the choices are: to immigrate, to pay a high fine, to do an abortion, to hide a baby – always a dilemma with serious consequences.
– divorce – affecting the whole family
– death – there are people who decide to commit suicide (how? It’s also a decision!), but that is never a good solution. It’s selfish, it makes many other people suffer. What do you think about euthanasia, where you decide to end your suffering from incurable disease?
– after death – you may decide what will happen with you after your death: who will heritage your wealth? Will you be cremated or buried? Will you allow to make use of your organs for transplantation?

Is it good to change your decisions? Some don’t want to do it because others will think that they are too changeable, not trustworthy. For some people to be consistent is a virtue.
How fast do you make decisions? Are they quick or well-thought-out? How do you get rid of doubts? Why do we hesitate? Do you ever ask for advice in that case? Do you take it seriously?


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